Fifty year ago, a great victory was won by South Vietnam's Army of the Republic of Vietnam, and its American ally, against North Vietnam's People's Army of Vietnam. The Battle to Retake Quang Tri Citadel (Lam Son 72), from June 28 to September 16, 1972, was a decisive victory and has proven to the world the bravery, determination and endurance of South Vietnam's people and soldiers against an overwhelming invasion from North Vietnam.

This Retaken of Quang Tri Citadel Monument 1972 is to dedicate to all the people who have sacrificed their lives in the war so that their children and grandchildren can live well and prosper in freedom today. The monument is being proposed and built by an approved committee of the City of Westminster, California, which is composed of representatives from eleven associations of South Vietnamese Veterans, American Veterans, Former Quang Tri Residents, and Descendants of the Republic of Vietnam. All donations to help build this monument may be tax-deductible.





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